Engineering for Change (E4C)

The Engineering for Change (E4C) Webinar Series, founded by EWB-USA and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), promotes emerging ideas and connects you with a passionate community of engineers and development practitioners who want to make a difference. Each online seminar broadens your expertise, builds your knowledge of new opportunities and shows you how technology-based solutions are being used to address real-world challenges in underserved communities.

Access to upcoming scheduled and past webinars is FREE. You’ll also earn one Professional Development Hour (PDH) for every webinar you attend.


EWB-USA Technical Webinars

Starting in September 2013, EWB-USA has presented several monthly live webinars to assist chapters with their understanding of the project process and how to carry out assessment. Registration for webinar is required, but is free for EWB-USA members. Below is a listing of webinars available.

  • Becoming an EWB-USA Mentor: In this webinar, chapter members will learn what to expect from a mentor and how to successfully work with a mentor. Mentors will learn what is expected of them and what they can expect from a chapter.
  • Assessment Trips for Water Supply Projects: This webinar will prepare your team for an assessment trip that is focused on a water supply project. The information presented will be general to all water supply projects but will include references to other resources available for your specific type of water supply project.
  • Planning for Sustainability on Assessment Trips: This webinar will guide your team to prepare for the long term success of the project when developing an assessment trip plan.
  • Preparing for your Latrine Assessment Trip: This webinar describes how a chapter completes a 521-Pre Assessment Report for a latrine assessment to prepare for a Latrine-Focused Assessment Trip.
  • Structure Assessments: This webinar describes the best practices for an assessment trip for a structural building project.
  • Project Process: This webinar provides a description of the EWB-USA project process.

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Articles of Interest



Technical Conferences

2015 EWB-USA Regional Conference presentations

2014 EWB-USA National Conference: Reston, VA
Conference Presentations

2013 EWB-USA Northeast Region Conference (hosted by EWB-Rutgers University)

Conference slides:



Educational Materials

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology

Access educational and training materials on topics such as: household water treatment, hygiene and sanitation, biosand filters, water quality testing, and rainwater harvesting.

Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage, provided by Engineering For Change:

“Become an Inventor: Idea-Generating and Problem Solving Techniques” – by Adam A. Brostow:
(available on

EWB-Philly’s own Adam Brostow (also El Salvador Project co-lead) has a book out on innovation and his EWB development experience, including ventilated-improved-pit latrines in Rwanda, Las Delicias (El Salvador) water supply and distribution system improvements (including the VFD cooling system), efficient stoves, and solar cooking. It also contains description of a proposed SODIS (solar disinfection) system via solar concentrators.



Bentley Software Tutorials for Engineers Without Borders-USA

This series of tutorial videos cover the subject of water distribution and design using Bentley’s products such as WaterGEMS, CAD, and Flowmaster. Access to the Bentley Products is free for all EWB-USA members. Be sure to check out the playlist for all eight videos.